Arts of Rej


Anup Rej had started as an abstract painter and then evolved through many stages by experimenting with abstract, surrealism and impressionism. He lately returned to figurative arts where the influences of his previous arts experiences can be seen. For him, art is a search for the inner and outer light, that may elevate the soul to unknown realms of the mind. In his  art work he seeks the poetry of light in a universe which has no beginning and end.

His arts can be viewed as slide-shows, virtual 3D catalogues and videos from real exhibition halls and virtual 3D galleries. The different galleries like “Reality Myth Dream”, “Life Death and Resurrection”, “Windows of Light”, “Surreal Journey of the Soul” etc. are scattered in different websites. The purpose of this site is to create a portal to enter into his inner universe without beginning and end projected through arts.

Figurative surrealism –  abstract plus figurative – philosophical paintings – Norwegian landscape – mythology

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Epic Journey

After Anup Rej lost his only son in an accident on the mountain top on the Alps, he devoted himself for ten years in writing the epic called “Tathagata`s Journey”. Tathagata, which means One who comes and goes, is the personification of the universal being, of whom we all are parts. As parts of Tathagata we live and die, and appear on the stage of life again and again. It is drama of power, love, instincts as well as the ground for creativity and dream of the musicians, artists and the poets. Here the philosophers and the scientists seek the meaning of life and try to unveil the mystery behind the wonder encompassing the cosmos. It is also the realm of meditation and contemplation of the mystics and the saints, who try to penetrate the deepest source of existence.  Like the pilgrim of Dante`s “Divine Comedy” Tathagata makes a journey through seven spheres: Starting from the instinct bound “Village Life” he ascends to the “Mountain Path”. On the summit he encounters the “Divine Being” who explains to him about the meaning of this repeated journey between life and death. Being enlightened Tathagata returns to the world to spread the “Teachings of the Enlightened Way”.

Poetry – music – philosophy – mythology – religion

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Timelessness in Time


A new theory of the creation of the universe, which is completely different from the Big-bang  cosmology. According to this new understandng, the universe is a fractal knot where micro and macro structures, differing by billions and billions of times, are all inseparably entangled together. There exists a cosmic design that upholds all creations in the universe. Within this eternal design everything appear and disappear bringing the consciousness of time. Click on the image below to visit the websites explaining the theory.

Born and Unborn

Self-biographical account relating the encounter with the inner mystery.


Man and God



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